Hydraulic/Pneumatic High Frequency Weldersfor conveyor belts
(PVC, TPU, PU) production

Industrial and food grade belting welding
and sealing technologies.


Machines for
conveyor belts production

The modern industrial Thermoplastic Elastomers used presently by the leaders of the belting industry deserve the best machines for profiles, cleats and sidewalls and splicing.

BELTA High Frequency series welders are designed and built specifically for demanding production needs of conveyor belts manufacturing companies. The power outputs of 10-20kW and multi-step smooth power control allow unsurpassed production flexibility for various sizes and shapes. They implement the most advanced technological custom made tooling to make all of cleated and sidewalled belts easily in a minimum time frame.

› PVC and TPU belts
› Chamfers, V-notches, rounded corners, staggered cleats, profiled cleats, scoop cleats, v-guide cleats, and gusset reinforced cleats
› Corrugated sidewalls
› Edgecapping

Reliable conveyor belt systems are at the core of every manufacturing or logistic operation.
They must run constantly and provide dependable product conveying solution 24/7.

RF Welding / High Frequency Welding Technology

At Zemat Technology Group, for over 60 years now, we are perfecting the polymer bonding technologies

We are using Radio Frequency to deliver the most reliable belt producing machines (RF/HF welders), for the belting industry. Our design engineers and technicians are passionate about inventing and creating new bonding solutions to the ever-changing and innovative polymer world.

High Frequency also know as Radio Frequency, RF welding or dielectric sealing is a technology that uses electromagnetic energy to form a permanent bond in polymers, as strong as the original thermoplastic material.

We have our own EU certified production control and EMC laboratory providing validation of each required process parameters and the whole technological production cycle. The Zemat Technology Group TESTLAB is fully compliant and certified with ISO 17025. If required we can provide a control and process control system which is in line with the standards of continuous auditing of the manu- facturing process required by the corporate industrial sector.

BELTA series machines and special tooling are custom designed for the global belting industry and are build entirely in Europe. We have offices in the USA and commercial and technical presence in many countries around the world, including Australia.

Radio Frequency (RF) welding, known as Dielectric welding or High Frequency (HF) welding

The process of fusing materials together by applying radio frequency energy to the area to be joined. Electromagnetic waves are used to heat the material to a point where it begins to melt and form a bond. No external heat is applied.

The electrical energy lost in the material is actually absorbed by it, causing its molecules to vibrate raising its kinetic energy or thermal energy. The weld is completed by applying pressure to the bonded area, ensuring a successful seal. The resulting weld can be as strong as the original materials. Industrial production processes using the modern and sophisticated technical textiles demand the most advanced bonding solutions with long life span, accurateness, precision and uniformity.

All this is achieved by precision control of the heating process, pressure and output power in our HF Generators.


Different models of Belta Machines

Belta Machine
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